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elitedc's Journal

Elite DC
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Elite DCPostingApplyAffiliates
Welcome to elitedc a community for elite disney channel related icons. Members must apply to gain posting access, otherwise just watch the community. 1. You must use a teaser of 2-4 icons.
2. Link back to your journal, not the community.
3. If posting icons that include possible spoilers, please give a warning.
4. PLEASE, please try to use your individual tag: !username.
5. Respect the community, members, etc. or your posting access will be taken away.
1. Introduce yourself: name and where you post icons.
2. 10 - 15 icons that best represent your work.
3. At least 5 of those must be disney channel related.
4. Include the name "Selena Gomez" in the title so I know you've read the rules.
5. If you can't accept criticism, then do not bother applying.
6. You need a yes from TWO mods in order to be accepted and TWO no's to be declined.
7. If you are not accepted, you may apply again in two weeks once you think you've improved.
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